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The Forest of Wisdom

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

"Calmed by the songful silence of the forest I come to my senses”

I love this line from James Hackett's poem Deep in a Mountain Forest. It was the inspiration for one of my yoga workshops, The Forest of Wisdom.

Remember how it feels to stand in the middle of a forest in the Autumn? It’s a wonderful time to connect with the changing season and nature’s deep rhythms. A time of gathering in, slowing down and reflecting.

In this session, we wove together movement, sound, meditation and contemplation, and created the possibility of touching the songful, silent forest-like place within ourselves.

Some of the highlights in this session were:

  • a lovely flowing sequence of postures known as 'the deep peace of the trees.'

  • connecting with Mary Oliver’s poem ‘when I am among the trees’ whilst practicing tree pose. This deepened the experience for many and helped them to feel the rooted energy of trees.

  • experimenting with a technique called Dharma Contemplation helped to deepen our understanding of the lines from James Hackett’s poem.

This was one of my favourite workshops to date and participants told me it helped to deepen their experience of being in their body and their relationship to the natural world.

"Thank you, Morgan, for the wonderful autumn workshop. The seasonal sessions are very special and I feel grounded and accepting, joyful even! as we move towards autumn."

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