These sessions take place 4 times a year

on Sundays (March/June/Sept/Dec)

from 6.30-8.30pm

at 'JING' in Bond Street, Brighton


Rewilding* with the Seasons

SPRING – awakening, moving up, reaching out

SUMMER – expanding, playing, being free

AUTUMN – reflecting, gathering, slowing down

WINTER – resting, hibernating, renewing

Around the time of the solstices & equinoxes we meet to celebrate the changing season. Its a chance for us to pause and reflect as the wheel of the year turns.

We will explore the rhythm of the season, through yoga postures, a short guided meditation, pranayama (breathing) practice and relaxation. 

These sessions require a bit more yoga experience, so are not suitable for complete beginners.

'REWILDING' ..reconnecting with our own essential nature. 

What participants say:

"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful yoga experience yesterday. I had spent the day at an RHS gardens, looking at trees, buds and new growth so it was perfect to then feel spring in my own body too! It was very special, as these seasonal sessions always are."


"Thanks for the lovely seasonal on Sunday, which was nourishing as always, and helped me feel connected to nature. I keep thinking of your phrase 'diving into the darkness' which helps with embracing these short days!"

"Many thanks for the seasonal yoga sessions which punctuate my year in the most nourishing way."

"Great session Morgan, thank you. I can't believe two hours went so quickly. Clearly I was in the zone!" 

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These sessions take place 4 times a year

on Sundays 

from 7.00-8.45pm

at 'UNIT 4' in Roundhill Street, Brighton

Dark Moon Yoga

The inspiration for these sessions comes from my interest in the more contemplative aspects of yoga.


The dark of the moon, when there is no sign of the moon in the night sky, is traditionally a time for reflection and inner work - we can use our yoga to focus on practices that take us inwards..helping us to drop a little deeper and simply ‘be’.

In these twilight session we will focus on the more contemplative, quietening aspects of yoga including slow mindful posture work, breathing, chanting and simple meditative practices. The sessions  end with a guided Yoga Nidra, cultivating deep rest and rejuvenation.

Some familiarity with basic yoga poses and a comfortableness with silence would be helpful.

What participants say:

'I found Sunday so magical! The fearless heart mudra had a particularly profound affect on me. The chanting too!'

'It was a really welcoming and supportive space to be in. I loved the mixture of gentle flow, and deep relaxation - just perfect!'

'I felt invited and guided through the session at a really nice pace, and felt safe and held in the space in a way that allowed me to really connect with myself and go inwards. I left with my heart feeling simultaneously softer/more open and strengthened, and had a great sleep'

'It’s lovely in Unit 4, and cozy with the candles - it felt intimate and relaxing, a perfect combination of movement and meditation'

'Sunday evening is such a good time to relax and get ready for the week ahead..I felt very well held and nurtured'