What, when, where?


Sorry ALL STUDIO CLASSES CANCELLED until further notice in response to COVID-19 situation. Please see my on-line offerings here


Drop-in classes: Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings

Suitable for most people, including beginners. Experienced yoga students will find enough to challenge them, whilst beginners will feel safe and supported.


Wednesdays: 6.15-7.45pm   Fridays: 10.45am-12.15pm

Drop-in price £9, or buy a 5-class card for £40 (use within 10 weeks).


Please see my workshops page for news about the different workshops I run throughout the year.

These require a bit more yoga experience, so are not suitable for complete beginners.

All classes take place at Unit 4 Yoga Centre, Studio 1, 20-26 Round Hill St, Brighton BN2 3RG

Exploring themes


"All my classes have themes that connect the ideas and the movements..."


Having a thread that runs through the class can help to deepen the experience and the learning. It feels like there is flow and purpose, not just a collection of random movements, it's all woven together.

People say that when we work with a quote or a poem, for example, it can be inspirational. They might say “I had that idea in my mind for the whole week.”

Much of my class inspiration comes from nature – the seasons, the moon cycles, the sun, the elements, the trees. I believe that by discovering nature’s rhythms and flows within ourselves, we become healthier, happier human beings. It’s another way of applying yoga to our lives

For some more examples of the themes I've covered in the past, have a look at my blog.

What people say...


"Thank you for a really wonderful yoga class – its focus was perfect for my headspace and the routine was very deeply restful and opening. I feel so good today!"


"Thank you for the lovely yoga class, Morgan. My shoulders and back were all kinds of stiff and achy, by working with them but not focusing intensely on them, they have released deeply and are much more comfortable now. Hooray for yoga and wonderful yoga teachers…"

First time?


First things first:

  • You’ll be greeted by a friendly face!

  • You’ll have a chance to make known any injuries or concerns you have

  • You’ll be asked if you’ve ever done yoga before and shown where everything is

  • You'll be settled in a place in the room where you have a good view of the teacher

  • You’ll get really clear explanations of the movement and if you have any questions, they will be welcomed

What to expect:

  • Clear guidance and a sense of safety

  • Inner reflection and exploration

  • Invitations rather than commands

  • A right amount of silence

  • Curiosity rather than judgement or pressure

  • A fair share of lightness and laughter!

Text: 07739 251808


Unit 4 Yoga Centre

20-26 Round Hill Street