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A simple sequence for the Christmas holidays

If, like me, you’ve eaten a bit more and moved a bit less than usual, I thought you might appreciate a simple yoga sequence to do at home while there is a break in classes…you don’t even need a mat for this one! 

1. CHILD - check in with yourself, do a body scan

2. CAT/COW - enjoy moving your spine in the two directions

3. ‘SWISHY’ FISH - on knees, let lower legs ‘swish’ side-to-side

4. EAGLE ARMS - cross elbows, wrap arms around each other (do each side)

5. ROCK TO DOG - on all fours, rock back to heels a few times, then carry on up into dog, repeat this 3 times

6. LOCUST - lying on front, lift legs first, then shoulders and head, fingers reach back towards feet, gaze stays looking at floor

7. CHILD - check in with yourself again, breath into back body

8. ROUND THE CLOCK OF THE HIPS (a) knee out to side foot to inner thigh (b) lower leg folded back alongside hip (c) leg bent at knee & crossed over other leg. REPEAT a, b, c on other side

9. SITTING TWIST - sit on heels, turn each way

10. BRIDGE POSE - curl spine up, vertebra by vertebra, soft belly

11. BELLOWS BREATH (APANASANA) - Inhale as you push knees away, exhale as you draw them back in

12. RELAXATION (SAVASANA) - in a comfortable position, lie still and enjoy the after glow of your practice


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