Yoga Nidra is often translated as yogic sleep, but while it can be as restorative as sleep, its not actual sleep. It encourages a state of consciousness like the one you experience between wake and sleep, when the thinking mind is quiet and the body is deeply relaxed.

Why practise Yoga Nidra? It can be helpful for relaxation, insomnia, stress relief, pain management and a whole range of physical conditions. It can also be used for creativity and as a tool for self-enquiry, if that is of interest to you.


It is fully guided and is usually practised lying down in a comfortable, quiet place. 

If you are new to Yoga Nidra, below is a simple relaxation nidra to get you started. I invite you to free yourself from external demands for a while and be nourished.

Simple Relaxation Nidra
00:00 / 21:06

And here is a short (14 minute) Yoga Nidra offering a chance to pause and replenish on all levels.

Pause-in-the-day Nidra
00:00 / 14:08

I am gradually creating a selection of Yoga Nidras, grouped together under 

different themes:

  • Night night nidras for sleep

  • Celebrating the seasons

  • Honouring moon cycles & the stars

  • Connecting with the natural world & the elements

More information coming soon - watch this space!


Photograph by Ali Bullough

“In the space that is Yoga Nidra I connect deeply with myself, calm my nervous system and relax on all levels - physically, emotionally and mentally.
It helps me to know my deepest nature and to understand my connection to everything around me"