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Abhaya Hridaya - Fearless Heart Mudra

If you want to connect with the deep reservoir of peace, strength and courage that naturally lives within your heart, this is a wonderful mudra to explore. I've been working with it in my own practice recently and have found it to be a simple way to centre my self when I feel a bit wobbly or vulnerable.

ABHAYA can be translated as 'without fear' or 'fearless' and HRIDAYA 'the essence of the heart'

How to practice Abhaya Hridaya:

1. Place your right hand in front of your heart, then your left hand in front of right, back to back

2. Wrap your little fingers, ring fingers, middle fingers around each other on the opposite hand

3. Thumb and index finger tips touch on both hands

4. Relax into this, noticing where your breath naturally flows

5. Feel the breath spreading into the back of your heart, expanding to the centre of your heart

6. With every breath in, draw your awareness to your heart centre and feel peace, courage and strength begin to fill your entire being

7. As you breath out, sense and feel your fear, doubt, vulnerability begin to dissolve

8. Breathing deeply in, tapping into your resource of strength and courage, breathing out dissolving, letting go

9. Enjoy for as long as it feels useful for you on this day

10. Then gently release the fingers, give them a little wiggle and rotate the wrists

11. Bring your hands to Anjali Mudra (prayer hands) at the heart centre and take a moment to feel the effects of your Fearless Heart Mudra practice


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