On-line Sessions

Practicing during 'lockdown' and beyond


As the world around changes in unexpected ways, maintaining our yoga practice can help us to stay steady and connected. So I am now offering yoga teachings through the on-line, virtual world. 


I have been learning how to mange the technology and have started creating yoga videos. They are not polished productions! Simply recorded on my own computer (no flashy camera or mic!) in my home yoga room. They come from my heart, and I hope are of some benefit to you while we are unable to meet in a real-life yoga studio.

Below is my 'playlist' which I will add to each Friday. I will create video sessions of varying lengths and themes. Once I have recorded a few, you will be able to mix and match according to the time you have available and the focus you would like on a particular day.

I am also offering live zoom classes on some Friday mornings from 9-10am. These create more of a group 'feel' and can help with motivation to practice, especially if that is proving difficult for you. Please see below for next class date and contact me for the link if you would like to join in.

Sessions are suitable for all levels, unless otherwise indicated. Please be safe in your practice and move in ways that are comfortable for your body on any particular day...its the journey, not the destination that counts!

Playlist (pre-recorded sessions)

You need a password to open these sessions. At the moment I am only giving access to people who have attended at least one live class with me in the past and are familiar with my teaching.  


If you want to access all the videos from one place, the link below takes you to my full collection on Vimeo (use same password):


New videos uploaded every Friday - watch this space!

Live Zoom Classes

Many of you have been getting on your mats at home and following the pre-recorded yoga sessions that I have been sending out - a big well done and thank you for your commitment and support.


However, I know it can be hard to stay motivated and to sustain a regular practice over time, so I am offering some live Zoom classes. Next one is on:

  • Friday 17th July 9-10am (60 mins/£6)

    • class theme: In the Balance


If you are interested, please contact me and I will send you the zoom link. Maximum 12 students.


Please note, at the moment this is only open to those who have attended at least one of my classes in person, before the lockdown happened - this helps me to keep you safe and meets my current insurance requirements.

Payment Options:


Please take all of my classes for free if you are a frontline worker, have symptoms or are recovering from Covid-19, are struggling in any way financially, emotionally, mentally during these difficult times. Otherwise, if you wish to pay, please see below.


To Donate:

I give guide amounts with each class, but you can choose what to pay.  Rather than do a transfer for every individual session, please keep a tally and make a payment each time you reach £10 (or more) - thank you.

If you already have a 5 class card on the go, you can use this by tallying up to £8, then crossing off a star on your card and let me know each time you do this.

Repeating any session just £1 each time - I hope this encourages you to do lots of yoga!

What people say...


"That was a really beautiful class, thank you. I love how holistic and meditative your sessions feel for me, and even over video I felt gently guided through, not having to look at the screen very much was great, and doing it on a mat in my little garden was lovely for getting deep and peaceful, and in to the grounding theme!"


"I finally got got round to trying your on line class -

I thought it was brilliant. I immediately felt relaxed and calm when you started taking me through the exercises. I think that is all down to your very clear and calm delivery. I easily followed the routines and enjoyed it all"

"I actually paired two sessions together today with the calming one first followed by the invigorating one. This worked well for me and was what I needed today. Thanks for giving this guidance and structure to my practice."

"For me being a shift worker it was a gift to have a recording and be able to do it at a later time...it's just so good to be able to still do any classes at this time...again thank you so much I really enjoyed it"

"I have just joined your wonderful video class. Thank you so much - beautifully clear, gently paced and utterly grounding. For me this is such a bonus as having moved out of Brighton I've failed to find yoga classes that work for me."

"Thanks so much for the video session. I thought it was wonderful and almost like having you in the room with me!" 

"I just took part in the Energise to Revitalise session which I loved. I had my mat in the kitchen facing you (who were on a stool!) and the back door (which was open onto the balcony.) I could see you, the herbs and the trees, and I could hear the chatty sparrows in my neighbour’s Bay Tree."

Text: 07739 251808

Email: adogaday.yoga@gmail.com

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