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It was this simple mantra that got me on the mat. And once I’d done a dog pose, I’d usually go on to do more yoga...


I hope the name encourages people to do the same, because doing even just a little bit makes a difference – it’s the start of something. I hope it will inspire you!


Two of the big passions of my life have been yoga and my dog... that's my greyhound Haku at the top of the page. I was lucky enough to have him for nearly ten years, just a bit longer than I've been teaching yoga.

When I first started, I sometimes found it hard to get motivated to practise at home. Then I noticed how Haku would get up every day and automatically do a dog pose. I realised:


“That’s all I have to do! A dog a day."

January 2020 News


Happy New Year!


My weekly drop-in classes begin again on Wednesday 8 & Friday 10 January 2020.​

I'm excited to be attending a Yoga Nidra training course at the end of the month, so Kay Sharpe will cover my Friday morning drop-in class on 31 January - thanks Kay!

The first of my contemplative yoga workshop series - DARK MOON YOGA - begins this month, details here

Who can do yoga?


Anybody can do yoga! Yoga is not just for flexible people. In fact it’s more helpful for people who aren’t already flexible, or fit or healthy. In my classes, you simply need to be able to get up and down off the floor.


Even if there are certain things you can’t do, there are lots that you can. There are always options, choices, alternatives…. If one particular pose is difficult there will be ways to approach it differently. Whether its about injury or body shape or flexibility or confidence.

What do you want from your yoga?
  • Take time out from your busy life

  • Listen and learn the language of your body

  • Undo tension and unhelpful habits of movement

  • Learn to move with more freedom, ease and grace

  • Connect with your body

  • Whatever your shape – inhabit it with love and kindness

  • Respect your body and learn to trust yourself

  • Grow in confidence

  • Be curious about the world within

  • Explore with a gentle sense of adventure

  • Find a sense of calm and ease

“Don’t worry so much about the external look of the posture... be more interested in the internal feel of the movement and how it is in your body rather than trying to copy what someone else is doing.”